mr. thrifty discount liquor & wine....... web design & development & branding & social media & paid advertising & print & illustration

Mr. Thrifty is a booming liquor store chain across Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. During my time as the web and graphic designer at Digital Logic, LLC, I gave the brand a much needed facelift that still stayed true to Mr. Thrifty and their values as a family-owned and operated company. ​​​​​​​
The first step in the rebrand was the website. I replaced the outdated photography, irrelevant copy, and dated look of the site with bold colors and fun imagery. All of the backgrounds and illustrations were hand drawn and updated with each new marketing initiative.
In order to be cohesive with the new branding, I then updated the style of Facebook posts and digital ads we used to promote their sales and other holidays. The new deliverables were brighter and more eye-catching, and we saw engagement rapidly increase.
Later into my work with Mr. Thrifty, we began expanding the brand past digital and into the physical realm with collateral such as posters. The above posters were ones I designed that were displayed in all of their stores to promote the Bourbon VIP List.
We even toyed with the idea of apparel towards the end of my time with Digital Logic. While these designs weren't used, they are still a testament to the creative freedom I was given to learn and grow and ultimately help a beloved local company thrive.
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