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Throughout my two years at Hawke, I have been an integral part of many company initiatives. The following is just some of the work I have created, both for completed projects and those in the works.
For Hawkefest 2020, the theme will be Western. For the logo, I was inspired by old saloon signs, and I meticulously hand drew it to mimic the look of hand carved wood. The earthy tones paired with a slight variation of the signature Hawke red, embodies the theme of "exploring the Wild West of marketing." This project is still in progress.
Fly Forward is an internal initiative and non-profit that will work with disadvantaged high schoolers in Los Angeles to propel their marketing careers forward. For the logo, I was inspired by streetwear companies, and wanted to create something that was versatile and modern. This project is still in progress.
E-Commerce Week LA is an event that will be held across the city of Los Angeles as a way to bring together marketing agencies and companies of all sizes. What started off as a logo heavily inspired by the Californian sea and sky morphed into a look that is much more abstract and versatile, however the colors still allude to its California roots. This project is still in progress.
Once in a while, a truly fun project comes my way, such as the opportunity to design company swag!
I have also been responsible for dozens of other small projects, such as updating our company value icons and other infographics. Working on projects of all shapes and sizes over the last two years has truly helped me expand and strengthen my skillset as a designer.
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