hawke gallery.......

When I heard that Hawke Media was moving into our new (now current) office, I asked if I could have a gallery. To my surprise, the CEO and CFO said yes.
Since opening the space, I've been able to showcase the work of Hawke employees and their family and friends, had the gallery be the focal point of Hawke Happy Hours, displayed work at the Houdini Estate in the Hollywood Hills, and shared in the excitement of having one of the artists sell three of her paintings in only two hours. It has been a year-long passion project of mine and has lead to new experiences, advocating for other artists, and new connections in the art world.
The very first show in April 2019, featuring works by Hawke employees– including my own raku-fired ceramic work, "by protecting my heart, I am left exposed."
To see more of the gallery, take a scroll through Hawke's instagram.
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