hawkefest 2019....... branding & print & digital advertising & illustration

Hawkefest is “The Anti-Conference,” an exclusive marketing event that takes place once a year. This was the third year this event took place, this time with the theme of magic, and it was held at the illustrious Houdini Estate in Hollywood Hills, California.
 I was tasked with creating the over 100 pieces of print and digital collateral, each inspired by the Roaring Twenties and the life and mystery of Houdini.
From the moment attendees were invited, they were immersed in the world of magic. The invitations were designed in the style and size of playing cards, each with a unique code that was used in order to guarantee their spot at the event.
The pieces of signage were spread across the estate, each with completely unique and meticulously created illustrations.​​​​​​​
Other pieces of collateral, such as badges and programs, were designed in the same style in order to create a seamless experience.
A hand illustrated map, inspired by those from the 1920's, showcased the sprawling estate in a fun and informative way.
An app was also paired with the programs, which contained a splash screen of my own design.
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